Blogging Your Way

A few weeks ago, I decided to enroll in an e-course called “Blogging Your Way” offered by Holly from D├ęcor8 and co-taught with Leslie from Creative Mint.  I feel privileged to be part of this e-course.   Holly and Leslie have offered a wealth of information and I’ve connected with hundreds of talented blogger students from all over the world. 
Just recently in a weekly podcast, Holly spoke about the F word – FEAR.  Fear can either be a brick wall in your path or a catalyst for great things.  I choose to push through my fear of blogging.   Over the next few weeks, I’ll continue to revamp my blog and slowly be adding quality articles about subjects that I’m truly passionate.  
As a teacher, one of my favorite moments of the school day is when I gather the students around me for story time.  I enjoy seeing my students’ reactions to the story and illustrations.  I probe them with questions, ask them for their thoughts and predictions, and often times we have lengthy discussions about the ‘WHAT Ifs’ and ‘WHYs.’ 
Therefore, it makes sense that my first addition to my blog is a weekly book review.  Each week on Friday, I’ll be choosing a children’s book and offering a mini-review. 

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