Packing My Classroom

The last time I walked out of my classroom (Friday, March 6th), I was eager for Spring Break.  Little did I know that it wasn't a typical break. 

Today was the first time back in my classroom.  I was there about the same hours as a typical school day.  However, today the bells didn't ring.  Students didn't walk into my classroom.  Nobody asked me for pencils or permission to charge their phones.  There weren't conversations about their vacations or the newest blockbuster movies or latest video games.  The student notebooks remained vertical aligned and my classroom library books were still standing spine out.  I didn't have to remind anybody to put their earbuds away.  My coveted Flair pens didn't magically disappear.  

One day we'll be together again, but for now, even the annoying little repetitive things in a middle's school teacher's daily life is what I truly miss.  

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