Vintage Mannequin Torso

My husband and I love antiquing!  

Walking into an antique shop is like taking a trip down memory lane.  Well...most of the items in an antique shop have been around for much longer than I've been alive but you get the point.  :) 

It's thrilling to treasure hunt.  I never know what I'll discover.  Even though my house is tiny, there's always room for another piece of mid-century furniture or lamp, the bookshelf has space for one more vintage book, the kitchen cabinets can hold additional plates and cups, and my jewelry collection has space to grow.  

Now, due to my newfound devotion to sewing, I make a beeline to anything fabric and sewing notions.  This vintage adjustable mannequin torso caught my husband's eye.  It was hidden under a fur coat.  Several days later, he took me to the antique shop and it was love at first sight.  My mannequin has a new loving home where it will be treasured for many years to come. 

ps....I also bought lots of vintage lace and fabric. :)

vintage adjustable mannequin torso

vintage lace and fabric

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