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Its always exciting and good news when somebody writes something positive about you. Well Elaine Ayala stopped by Hecho a Mano at the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center this weekend and later wrote ONE SENTENCE about me in her Latino Life blog for the San Antonio Express News.


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I ChickRocks pledge to buy handmade this holiday season and request that others do the same for me. Will you PLEDGE HANDMADE???
To take the pledge just go to for more info.



After much anticipation, the day finally arrived!!!! I'm referring to Saturday the 26th of May, the beginning of almost a 3 month long exhibition of my favorite artist - Fernando Botero. Botero is a Columbian artist, perhaps one of the most loved of this part of the world. His work is truly amazing!! His works of art are full of vibrant colors and literally larger than life size. Botero's characters are robust or as he prefers to say 'full of volume'. Needless to say...this is the only day where I felt at home among all the people...that is...the people in the paintings.

So, if you want a smile that would last a while, then head over to the San Antonio Museum of Art or the Southwest School of Art and Craft for a visual feast of Botero's art. You won't regret being all smiles.


As Seen On

A shout out to Liana from Mixed Plate in Hawaii for the lovely interview on posted on her site on March 28th. Shown is just a tease of the sure to visit the 'Get to Know Interviews' for the real deal.

Also check out her blog. Liana does an amazing job writing about great and unique websites/blogs, fashionable items, and lots more.
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