Mask Necklaces

I will miss crafting once school starts. 

I am a middle school AVID Excel ESL teacher.   When I'm alone in my classroom, I plan to take off my mask and won't have a problem losing or misplacing my mask with this lanyard.  In addition, this mask necklace will help your face mask avoid contacting with other surfaces and risk contamination. 

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Back to School Sale!'s time for me to get back in the classroom. I love sewing and crafting, I'll still continue to sew to do those things but at a much slower pace.  

I have some new projects and ideas in the works for the upcoming Christmas season.   So be on the lookout! 

So from now until the end of the month (August 31st) 20% off anything in my Etsy shop. The items will already reflect the sale price.

ps...If you're a teacher friend of mine and we work together, don't worry...I will refund you the shipping cost.


Books Read - July 2020

These are the books that I read during the month of July 2020.  Click on the links to learn more about the book on Amazon.

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