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“Crow” by Leo Timmers is a beautifully illustrated children’s book that shows the importance of self acceptance.   Crow is a large black crow seeking friendship.  While perched on a telephone wire, he spots some colorful small birds but quickly realizes that they are scared of him because of his physical appearance.  He comes up with a brilliant idea and with brushes and paint buckets in hand, Crow paints himself to resemble each bird.  Unfortunately, his plan backfires and the small birds are terrified of him.  This rejection brings Crow to tears, which consequently washes the paint away.  Later, when the small birds see Crow again, they are ecstatic because they think that Crow scared the multi-colored large birds away.  Based on this assumption, Crow and the small birds become instant friends. 

About the book:
Crow is a 30 page hardcover book.  It was published in 2010 by Clavis Publishing.  The reading level is ages 4-8.  IBSN-10 is #1605370711.  The book is available here

About the author/illustrator:
Leo Timmers was born in 1970 and lives in Belgium.  He is a trained Graphic Designer and began by illustrating books and now writes them too.  He has won numerous awards including the Children’s and Youth Jury Award in 2005 for “Just in Time” and “Supermouse”.  Timmers’ books have been published in over 16 countries.  For more information on Leo Timmers, click here.  

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Stephanie said...

Hi! I'm from BYW and enjoyed reading your blog. I'm a sixth grade teacher in Oklahoma. Thanks for sharing!

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