Fabric Face Masks with Pocket for Filter For Sale

Back during the Christmas break, I took out my brand new sewing machine from a closet at my parent's house. I bought this sewing machine 7 years ago and it was still brand new in it's box with tape, never opened! 
I became the crazy shopper at Joann's buying sewing notions (thread, scissors, needles, fabric, dress patterns, etc.) without knowing how to sew. Thankfully, Joann's offers sewing classes...I eagerly signed up and I learned a little...enough to troubleshoot on my own. Who knew that several months later, we'd be in a pandemic and masks would be a requirement when out in public.  So in March, I became an online 'distance learning' teacher by day and sewist in the evenings. 
The face masks are handmade with 2 layers of the same cotton fabric. The pleated mask is about 9 inches in length by 7 inches in height after expansion, so it covers the nose and mouth. You choose of the mask with the elastic is 7 inches in length and be knotted to adjust size OR the ribbon is 36 inches in length, about 16 inches from each corner, ample length to tie behind the head. The mask has a pocket to allow for a filter insert.  The masks are sewn from 100% cotton fabric, washable and reusable. 
If you need a fabric face mask, visit my Etsy shop.   
Colorful Fabric Face Maks with Pocket for Filter For Sale

White Floral on Black Fabric Face Maks with Pocket for Filter For Sale

Pink Orange Mandela Fabric Face Maks with Pocket for Filter For Sale

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